Update: Cub Creek Kiln Building

Well, this post is overdue.  I had a great time at Cub Creek in Virgina the first week of June.  It was an extremely hot week, over ninety most of the days. Despite the heat we build 1 and half kilns during the week long workshop.  We built a wood-kiln and started on the small soda test kiln.  I learned a lot from John Jessiman as we worked on the kiln.  He has a lifetime of experience and knowledge to share.  We built the kiln from the foundation up with John guiding us through each step.  And I’ll be going back later this month for the first firing of the kiln.  Here are a few photos from the week.

The beginning.

Laying the floor

Walls start to go up.

Arch support being constructed.

Here you can see the two layers of castable. The inner layer is refractory and the outer layer is for insulation.

With the castable arch set the arch form was removed.

Interior wall used to deflect flame evenly as the flame leaves the firing chamber and into the chimney.


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