Fall Anagama Firing

Well its been a busy 2 months since I got here at Cub Creek. We just completed our second wood-firing in the kiln we built this summer.
The first firing was a mild disaster. The issue with the first firing was that we went way too fast and never got good reduction. We had no problem gaining temperature though!

This most recent firing went much smoother, as we had a planned schedule for how we wanted to fire the kiln. Our main difficulty with the firing was that there was only 3 people to take shifts, John, Mitch, and myself. Mandi helped out quite a bit getting wood, bringing food, and handing wood to the stoker. During one of the night shifts a torrential rain storm rolled in and gave us a minor setback but within an hour of the storm subsiding we were back up to temp and doing fine.
We closed up the kiln at about 80 hours and ended with a giant stoke that sent flames shooting out the cracks in the kiln for an hour after the last stoke.



We waited 4 days for the kiln to cool. Overall the results were pretty good. The native red clay came out black/brown/purple/metallic and is so refractory it doesn’t catch ash even at cone 12 (really freakin hot for you non-potters). Any clay body with less than 50% native clay did really well. I was particularly happy with the woodfire porcelain and the woodfire porcelain/ native mixed 70/30. The next firing we do in this kiln will most likely be in January, but already we have plans for how to tweak the firing.Right now I am cranking pots for a firing in Randy Edumndson’s Anagama coming up in the beginning of November.


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